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AAA Automotive Pty Ltd are based in easily accessible Mont Albert, Melbourne, on tram route 109, stop 54.
With over 35 years experience, you can trust us with all your general mechanical service needs, and all mechanical repairs.
We are an owner operated business, so customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Spending on your car’s maintenance is not an expense; rather it is an investment that helps in securing a better future by making your cars safe for use and elongating its life by making it durable and reliable.

Our clients in Camberwell can get good value for the money they spend on the maintenance of their cars by availing car servicing and other car care services offered by AAA Automotive PTY Ltd.

Welcome to AAA Automotive PTY Ltd, a place where your cars are treated well, with utmost respect and care, a place where they are groomed using the best products, a place where you will feel comfortable in bringing your cars because you will be sure of receiving the very best of services!


Camberwell Clients Can Draw Benefits from Car Servicing by AAA Automotive PTY Ltd

Our clients from Camberwell and other Melbourne suburbs can enjoy numerous benefits after availing our car servicing services and getting their car serviced in our top class facility. Not only does our proficient car servicing process prevent car breakdowns, but also our ingenious methods and techniques help in improving the performance of your cars.

Mechanic Camberwell

Some of the benefits associated with our car servicing include:

  • Tire care regime – ensuring your tires are inflated at optimum levels so they give you a better grip on the roads;
  • Engine tune up – ensuring you get better mileage and efficient fuel consumption;
  • Oil changes –ensuring your engine remains clean and healthy – leading to lower oil emission problems;
  • Air filter replacements – ensuring the environment is safe from pollution resulting from usage of your car;
  • Polish treatment – ensuring the body of your car is in a superior condition with a lustrous and elegant look.

Camberwell Clients Can Enjoy Benefits Associated with Log Book Servicing Executed by AAA Automotive Pty Ltd

Whenever our clients from Camberwell and those from other Melbourne suburbs bring in their cars for log book servicing, our expert service providers will execute complete car service according to the log book of your car. Once done, they will fill out the log book of your car so that it becomes a part of your car’s maintenance history.

Roadworthy Certificate Camberwell

Log book servicing executed by AAA Automotive PTY Ltd in our high-class facility carry numerous benefits for the cars of our Camberwell clients, including:

  • Safeguarding of the original warranty of your car and allow you to utilize warranty given by the manufacturer of your car if and when required;
  • You get to enjoy a level of car servicing that the manufacturer had intended for your car;
  • You get to enjoy a manufacturer’s service level quality at reasonable and affordable prices;
  • A car which has a history of log book servicing has more value and thus easier to sell when our Camberwell clients want to;
  • Regular log book servicing availed at AAA Automotive PTY Ltd facility can save you costs of expensive repairs.

Log Book Servicing Camberwell

AAA Automotive PTY Ltd is also authorized to inspect cars of our Camberwell clients for issuing a roadworthy certificate. As an expert mechanic serving you in Camberwell we can make accurate repairs to keep your cars in top running condition. So make an appointment today with AAA Automotive PTY Ltd and enjoy a unique car services experience! Contact us for Car Service in Blackburn

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